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2014 Class List

10:00 – 11:00

14th- and 15th-century Women’s Hairstyles and Veils from England, France, and Italy. Lady Sarai Tindall. An overview of different hairstyles and veils worn in the later middle ages by women of allclasses. Class includes demonstrations of how to create the different hair styles. $4 for handout with full color images and including a bag with some hair accessories for creating the styles presented in the class. Limit 10. Room 211.


Halgerðr and Guðrun: The Changing Views of Marriage in Iceland, from the Founding to the End of the 13th Century. Master Fridrikr Tomasson. This class will look at the change in laws and customs surrounding marriage in Iceland from the settlement until the end of the Commonwealth. It will also look at the oft-wed Guðrun and Hallgerðr and their marital histories. Room 215.


10:00 – 12:00

Intro to Weaving (aka Weaving for Dummies). Lady Christianna Weaver, OW. The main goal of this class is to introduce people to different types of looms, and the vocabulary of weaving, so they have a starting point for beginning their own weaving projects. Limit 20 people; $2 handouts, $3 materials. 2 hours. Room 210.


11:00 – 12:00

What to Expect at the A&S Faire: HL Gunnarr Alfljot. Thinking of entering the A&S Faire? Wondering how to write documentation? This is a class for those who are new to the A&S faire circuit. Learn how entries are judged, judging criteria, strategies for writing your documentation, and more. Room 209.


Period Accurate Roman Imperial Hair. Domina Jael ben Ari. How did the Romans manage those hairstyles? No, not with wigs! Come to this class and find out! Bring some paper to take notes! A limited number of detailed handouts will be available for a small fee. Room 211.


Filthy Heathens: Anglo-Saxon Hygiene. Oswyn of Bath. Did Saxons ever bathe? Learn about the hygiene habits in Saxon-period Britain. Room 215.


12:00 – 1:00 –LUNCH BREAK


1:00 – 2:00

Field Guide to the SCA. Baronowa Alzbeta Michalik. During the first half of this class we will discuss the sumptuary customs of the SCA and Middle Kingdom (what the fancy hats and belts mean). The second half of the class we will go out on “safari”, identifying different examples of the various ranks and learning just what it means to hold those ranks. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Optional $2 fee for handout. Room 211.


Documentation for A&S Season: Whether you have started writing documentation for an upcoming A&S entry or not, this will be a panel discussion with the goal of helping one another start prepping for the spring A&S faire season. Facilitator: HL Roana Aldinoch. Room 209.


1:00 – 3:00

Hakama Construction. Lady Yamamura Kitsune. A brief overview of Japanese pants will be discussed, along with a presentation of garment examples and a walkthrough of the garment instructions handout given during class. Time will be allotted for Q&A. 20 Handouts available, donations appreciated! Room 215.


1:00 – 4:00

Afternoon Dance Classes. Mistress Alphia. There is no formal structure to these classes. Bring a partner, show up and find one, or find yourself pulled into a dance lesson. The dances to be taught will depend upon the interests of Mistress Alphia and whomever makes a request, and whichever songs may be summoned from the magical music box. Room 210.


2:00 – 3:00

Brewers’ Round Table Discussion. Baron Henry of Exeter. Topic for discussion: How do we promote the art of brewing when so many events are dry? All brewers or wanna-be brewers are welcome. Room 211.


3:00 – 4:00

Happy Japanese Games. Lady Yamamura Kitsune. Three leisure games of Medieval Japan are discussed. Reproductions of each game will be presented and available to play during class.  Fees: Donations appreciated! Age Limit: May not be appropriate for small children; some game pieces can be a choking hazard. Class size: No limit, only 20 handouts available. Room 215.


Glassworkers: Meet fellow glassworkers! Open to beadmakers, stained window artists, glassblowers, and anyone else interested in whatever one does with glass in period. Facilitator: HL Rois alann inghean Ui fhlaithbheartaigh. Room 209.


Calligraphy & Illumination Round Table. Facilitators: Mistresses Acelina and Hillary. For calligraphers and illuminators of all experience levels — meet to brainstorm future projects, share tips, “horror stories”, and/or browse through each others’ favorite source books. Bring portfolios of your work (if you have them) and any projects you would like help with or ideas about. Room 211.


4:00 – 5:00 Disney Princess Garb Challenge. This session is for contestants to show off their costumes and meet with judges, and for anyone else who is interested in seeing which Disney characters are represented in period clothing. Please see the activity page for more information. Facilitator: HL Odette d’Amboise. Colonial Room (first floor, below rapier ballroom)


Bead Rescue Project – Room 210

This is a way to share the beads, and also information about them. Beads are “released” or put out like on a wall, or chair, and left to be found by someone. Bring that bead to the project table to get a card with more info about the bead, (when it would have been worn, by whom, when, etc.).  Cords will be available to string the “found” beads. You can even get your picture taken to put up on the project website! The Bead Rescue Project is on the web at and also



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