The theme for this year’s feast is “The Valkyries Sail to Iceland.” For questions regarding the menu, our Feast Steward, Reyni-Hrefna, can be reached at (607)351-9860 or via email. The feast will be held at McKinley Foundation. The location is marked on the map here.

Tentative Menu


On Table

Barley flat bread

Butter and other things to put on bread




Feast Foods

Roast Game Birds

Blueberry Beef Ribs

Greens with Walnuts

Minty Peas

Berries with oat dumplings

Barley Cheese Gruel


Feast Drinks

Blanda (Whey and Water)

“Mead” (Non-alcoholic)



Following the feast there will be dancing and a Dessert Revel.

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